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The facility hosts weddings, engagements, corporate events, bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs, bridal & baby showers, anniversaries, milestones, award ceremonies, birthdays and other special occasions. No matter what you are celebrating, Castle Royale  will help you plan a memorable event. Regardless of the time of day you wish to hold your event, Castle Royale will accommodate. Since each occasion is unique in size, Castle Royale has a variety of ballrooms to accommodate a range of party sizes, from small and intimate up to very large“During renovation, the focus was to create a venue like no other. When Castle Royale  was completed the end result as a touch of old world appeal in a brand new, spectacular, modern facility.
When you and your guests enter Castle Royale, you will be transported from modern-day New York City into an atmosphere of old-fashioned elegance and charm. This blend of styles appeals to a wide variety of personal tastes.The space blends touches of contemporary sophistication with the traditional elements, resulting in a unique look that is sure to satisfy. Since the first impression is the most important, Castle Royale presents breathtaking cocktail hours that provide the perfect start to any affair. As your guests first enter your cocktail hour, the decorative food displays and the hand carved sculptures will make your event stand out, leaving your guests with an impression of elegance that will be remembered for years to come.The team at Castle Royale  prides itself on the food and superior service. An extra step has been taken in creating a traditional, yet very eclectic international menu, sure to entice any palette and conveniently accommodate any event. The Executive Chef and his kitchen staff are professionally trained in the art of International Cuisine. Whether it’s Italian, Latin, Greek, Indian, Chinese, Eastern European, Irish or Mediterranean, Castle Royale has combined Old World traditional dishes with a hint of modern day flavor and style. To take a look at the complete menu offerings, please contact a member of the banquet team or visit Castle Royale for a grand tour of the establishment.
The banquet team is assembled of highly trained culinary professionals from diverse backgrounds, each of whom have many years of experience in the industry. Since Castle Royale offers such a modern international menu, the Menus can be created to fit any style, ethnic background or dietary need. The banquet team is also trained to help you stay within your budget when planning your event, and can help you develop the most satisfying menu to fit your finances chef for over a year, says, With Yonkers  being a cultural hub in the Westchester Community, Castle Royale makes a point of catering to the different needs of many different backgrounds and ethnicities. In the diverse backgrounds of the staff members, the international menu offerings, and an atmosphere that is welcoming overall, Castle Royale is a cultural melting pot and a gathering place for people from all walks of life. By reaching out to such a large number of community members in these ways, the business generated by Castle Royale contributes to the neighborhood’s overall economic development as well.We here at Castle Royale truly believe that a personal touch and the utmost attention to detail is what turns an ordinary event into an ”Royal event.” Don’t delay in choosing Castle Royale as the venue for your next special occasion. The memories created will last you and your guests a lifetime. Our goal is to make the customers happy. We pay great attention to detail, always making sure guest is happy and taken care of. 

For further information and inquiries please feel free to contact our banquet department at 914-965-2559, or arrange to come in for a tour or a food tasting at Castle Royale, located at 92 Waverly St, Yonkers NY 10701

To take a virtual tour or book an event online, visit www.castleroyaleny.com